HTS provides independent product testing designed to help companies determine if the products they are manufacturing, selling, and/or distributing comply with safety and performance standards, adhere to domestic and international regulations and meet the expectation of consumers before they reach the marketplace.
Retailers, suppliers and manufacturers are all looking to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive market. Consumers expectations have grown and they expect products to be not only safe, but to be manufactured to the very highest standards and specifications.
Testing is an integral part of any quality assurance programme. Traditionally, testing was conducted to evaluate a product against a regulatory requirement or industry standard, but as products and materials used have become more complex an increasing number of companies are testing products for performance and quality.
Our quality assurance testing reports provides reliable and qualified information to help retailers, manufacturers and suppliers understand and mitigate the sources of product risk. This information can be critical when qualifying suppliers and making daily purchasing decisions; developing a new regulated consumer product; validating efficacy of raw material; substantiating a product claim; and testing products for a restricted substance to determine regulatory compliance.

HTS has expertise in a wide range of consumer product categories. Our services include:
Product evaluations including safety, performance, design, and construction
Product testing to legally mandated protocols, regulations and standards
Testing to proprietary client specifications
Product risk assessments
Comparative product testing
Analytical, microbiological and physical testing
Durability and shelf life tests
Technical support for product development
Review of packaging and labeling
Sensory evaluation and consumer testing
Marketing claims substantiation
With accredited laboratories strategically placed in consuming and producing countries STR's refreshing and flexible approach to testing makes us the ideal quality assurance partner for your business