All the materials used in today is construction projects have to meet exacting specifications and standards. Testing these materials and demonstrating compliance with these standards is a generally a mandatory requirement. We offer an unparalleled scope of material testing to meet our clients needs. We offer a high quality National Service with modern equipments and well trained staff supported by rigorous H&S and IT systems.

HTS UK provides consumer product testing, inspection, auditing, and consulting services to major manufacturers, importers and retailers around the world.

For over years, we have constantly expanded the boundaries of what is possible to establish new levels of achievement for innovation, service and excellence

Selecting the correct partner within the field of Quality Assurance can seem like an unenviable task. There are many things to consider before deciding which company best fits your business needs.
Our comprehensive range of services will make your decision easier.
We offer all our customers the complete Quality Assurance Service which consists of a number of key modules. Each module has been developed to work as a standalone function whilst combined act as The Quality Assurance Programme