About us

As we move our business forward we've simplified, refreshed and modernised our brand.  Our website has been updated to reflect our new look and feel.  But what's not changed is what we stand for. A straightforward and honest organisation that believes in insurance and the security it brings to our customers, when it matters most. We want to help customers get back on HTS.

Now we are HTS we're shorter, more straight to the point. After all, it is actions not words that get things done.

We know how important it is to keep customers moving and will continue to be responsive and think ahead to deliver on our promises. This site gives you access to our expert knowledge, a deep insight into commercial and personal lines insurance and a truly focussed product range that can fit around you and your customers' everyday business needs

In a vast number of areas, we are accredited to verify and give official acknowledgement (with a certificate) that a system, product, person or asset complies with a specified requirement for which certification is demanded.

Certification usually includes on-site audits, standardised testing and inspections, and then surveillance audits during the certification period of validity. It may include, where applicable, a design review phase.